a “data spider” crawling its way across data scraping provisions from a number of websites

Last week, a federal court ruled that researchers violating a website’s terms of service (TOS) in order to conduct research aimed at uncovering discriminatory algorithms does not violate the U.S.’s Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). Coincidentally, last week I also finalized the publication of a paper forthcoming at ICWSM…

Anything “public” on social media may be fair game, but researchers should be more ethical about using that data

Who do you think reads your social media posts? You might assume that only your followers see your tweets and status updates — but someone else might be taking a close look. Scientists are increasingly using public social media data for research, and they’re not just examining tweets — they…

Casey Fiesler

Faculty in Information Science at CU Boulder. Social computing, copyright, ethics, women in tech, fan communities, geekery. www.caseyfiesler.com

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